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Few careers are as rewarding, challenging, and exhilarating as being an elementary school teacher. The need for highly qualified and well-prepared elementary classroom and special education teachers is on the rise, too. Springfield College education students graduate from the program confident and ready to take on the vital role of teaching the nation’s youngest learners.

In one of our elementary education programs, students will learn a variety of teaching strategies that enable them to become highly skilled and effective teachers, and gain the confidence to education and meet the needs of all students.

Partnerships with area elementary schools provide real-world learning opportunities that distinguish Springfield College elementary graduates from the rest. Preparation begins in year one and continues through year four, at which time students begin student-teaching. Graduate will leave Springfield College prepared and ready to lead classrooms of elementary-aged children.

Students share what sets the Springfield College education programs apart.

Education in Action

Make your mark on the world through one of Springfield College's education and teacher licensure programs. You’ll help shape the next generation by inspiring the minds of early childhood, elementary, and secondary education-aged students, including learners who have a diverse range of skills and personalities.

At Springfield College, getting classroom experience isn't reserved for your student teaching experience. We encourage active learning experiences that help you develop your skills and comfort level. Sound like something you'd be interested in?