Program effectiveness data include the program completion rate, credentialing examination pass rate and job placement rate. Explanations of these measures and program data that correspond with the annual report most recently submitted to the CoAEMSP are noted below. Questions about program effectiveness data should be directed to the Paramedic Program Coordinator at (413) 748-3788. The program’s 2019 annual report reflected the following:


This is an annual measurement of the number of students who began the program divided by the number of students who actually completed the program. The annual report tracks this for the prior calendar year. 

Year 2017
Retention 94.12%

National Registry Examination Pass Rate

This is the number of students who pass the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician certification examination. This data is reported for the cognitive (written) exam and psychomotor (practical) exam and is also reported by year. (Data courtesy of

Year 2017
Cognitive Exam 100%
Psychomotor Exam 100%

Job Placement Rate

This is the number of students who gain employment in the profession as a paramedic within six months of graduation for the past three years. 

Year 2017
Positive Placement 100%


Program Overview and Learning Outcomes