About This Program

Total Number of Credits: 15


Sara Namazi, PhD
Assistant Professor of Gerontology and Health Sciences
(413) 748-3320

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The mission of the Springfield College Gerontology Certificate Program is to provide students with an applied, interdisciplinary, and affirmative approach to studying human aging. There will be an undergraduate and a graduate version of the program. The certificate program is designed to be career enhancing, by providing students from various degree programs with additional expertise and specialty education in the field of aging. Students will also gain real-life knowledge and become empowered to be informed leaders, decision-makers and advocates for older adults. Students considering any of a wide array of career options in high demand will benefit from this credential, and the program will also enrich their personal perspectives on their life’s journey.

Admissions Requirements


Springfield College students and non-Springfield College students are eligible to enroll in the certificate program. There are no prerequisites required to complete the application form and no application fees.

Start your application process by completing the online application form (to come). Be sure to complete your application by submitting all the required materials. 

Core Course (6-9 credits)

HSCI 315 (undergraduate level): Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Aging (3 credits)


HSCI 515 (graduate level): Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Aging (3 credits)

Community Experience (3 – 6 credits)

Selectives (6-9 credits)

Students will choose between 2-3 courses listed below:

RHDS 470: Rehabilitation Needs of Aging (3 Credits)

RHDS 670: Rehabilitation Needs of Again (3 Credits)

ATPY 508: Art Therapy with Older Adults (3 Credits)

OCTH 635:  Development and OT Adaptation for the Older Adult (3 Credits)

PSYCH 638: Adult Development and Learning (3 Credits)