Sim Lab with group of students
Sim lab students with simulation mannequin
Sim Lab control room
Sim Lab Meeting of Students and Faculty
Sim Lab students working on mannequin
Two students work on a mannequin in the Sim Lab
Student works on computer in the Sim Lab
Experience the Sim Lab

At our medical simulation laboratory, you will get firsthand experience providing treatment on the next-best-thing to a human being. That’s because you will have access to our state-of-the-art lab, complete with adult and baby simulator mannequins.

Gain Experience

As a future medical professional, practice your complicated treatment techniques without fear of error.

Take what you learn in the classroom and put it into real-life practice on these virtual patients that exhibit human responses. Pretty cool, right?

The School of Health Sciences and Rehabilitation Studies’ laboratory will help you build confidence as you improve your skillset through an optimal learning experience—long before ever working on a human patient.

For a well-rounded experience, the mannequins are capable of representing either gender. It performs cardiac and other critical functions while exhibiting vital signs, such as pulse and eye pupil constriction or dilation. It has an airway, displays normal and disruptive breathing, perspiration, tremors, tears, seizures, and makes heart and lung noises, among others.

Get your hands on our virtual patients and jumpstart your career in the medical field.