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Undergraduate students collaborate during a computer graphic design course in Blake Hall at Springfield College on December 16, 2021.

Creativity, imagination, and an understanding of the digital world come together in the Web Design minor at Springfield College. Coursework in this minor will give you a foundation in Web design, teaching you how to build a website from concept to creation. You’ll learn about basic design, coding, and website structure while utilizing the industry-level software. A minor in Web design will provide you with an excellent additional skillset to include on your resume, regardless of major or program of study.

Studying Web Design At Springfield College
William Simpson Fine Arts Series

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The William Simpson Fine Arts Series entertains and inspires. Experience the arts with magnificent work from artists and performers from both inside and outside the Springfield College community. Attendees will be dazzled by dance performances and theater presentations, captivated by art exhibitions and thought-provoking film, and delighted by concerts and literary events.

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