Community Standards

Community Standards promotes a student focused, learning-centered environment that supports the mission of the College by communicating appropriate standards of individual and group behavior.

Springfield College students are respectful of the rights of others and uphold the norms of civic responsibility. Springfield College students conduct themselves in accordance with the Humanics philosophy.

Violations of the norms of civility and other accepted rules of behavior, whether or not covered in the Student Handbook, may be subject to an administrative hearing.

Student Handbook

students at table in Campus Union

Guide to the Community Standards Process

Every incident that is alleged to have violated the community standards at Springfield College is unique and is treated as its own entity. We meet with every student individually to allow the opportunity to openly and honestly discuss involvement. Below is a brief synopsis of what a student may expect concerning the community standards process here at Springfield College.

If a student is documented by a College official, expect the following:

  • An administrative hearing will be scheduled, for the parties involved, with a hearing officer.
  • The student's class schedule will be checked in PrideNET so that a meeting can be scheduled without conflicts. Varsity athletic practices are not a reason to reschedule.
  • A linked PDF letter will be sent to the student through PrideNET email and by text to the student’s registered cell phone outlining:
    • The alleged community standards violation/s
    • The location and date of the violation/s                                    
    • The location, date, and time of the administrative hearing     
    • The name of the hearing officer