Your safety matters to us. That’s why we offer alcohol and other drug education resources, which can provide you with the knowledge to keep you and your friends safe and healthy throughout your college experience.

Check out our policies to find out where we stand; explore the facts about alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs; read our tips and advice for guidance on talking to friends or for advice your families may be interested in; or explore our on- and off-campus resources

Take the E-Checkup

E-Checkup is an online, completely anonymous survey about your alcohol use. By taking the assessment, you will get personalized feedback about your alcohol use, including:

  • Your personal risk patterns
  • Your individual level of alcohol tolerance
  • Your unique family risk factors
  • How much you drink in comparison to other Springfield College students
  • Strategies to keep you safer if you choose to drink
  • Resources available at Springfield College
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