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Counseling Center

You do not have to struggle alone. 

The Springfield College Counseling Center offers free, professional, and confidential counseling services to undergraduate and graduate students. We are a staff of professionals, which includes graduate associates, who counsel students seeking our services for a variety of reasons. In addition to one-on-one counseling, the Center offers group counseling sessions for additional student support. 

Our mission is to offer accessible, judgment-free spaces where students can focus on enhancing strengths and overcoming challenges that affect mental health. We are committed to fostering student well-being, resilience, and growth, and helping students achieve their goals on their own terms. We strive to balance respect for each student's unique experience with our understanding of the challenges shared by many college students

Deepening Our Commitment to Inclusion

Springfield College is committed to creating dialogue and turning awareness into action with regard to diversity, equity, and inclusion in our community. We want every student, no matter race, ethnicity, economic status, collegiate status, citizenship status, cultural identity, gender expression, or sexual preference, to feel the support of those around them in our community.

We realize our students and our larger communities are hurting due to the reality of deep racial wounds– wounds with regard to gender exclusion when not represented in mainstream culture. We know this can have a profound psychological impact on our mental health.

At the Counseling Center, we receive training as well as engage in training others on campus about key concepts, mindsets, and clinical examples that work more effectively with the intersectionality of each client who comes to us. We aspire to assist you in taking actionable steps in your life to address the ways these impact overall emotional wellness.

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