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How to Apply for Staff and GA Positions

Graduate Associate Positions

Graduate Associates at the Counseling Center provide counseling services to Springfield College students. In addition, each GA is assigned an outreach project to work on independently during their time at the center. 

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Be sure to check that you are filling out the application for the correct academic year, which will include updated requirements, information about payment, and deadlines. The application is generally due during the first week in January. Interviews are held during the early part of the Spring semester, with a starting date of one week before fall classes begin. 

Current Information About the Application Process

  • We accept applications from students in all Springfield College programs that offer training in mental health counseling (e.g. Mental Health Counseling, Art Therapy, Athletic Counseling, Social Work, Counseling Psychology, Rehabilitation and Disability Studies). Eligible applicants will have completed their first year of graduate school by August of the year proceeding their employment. We are looking for students who have at least a year of classes and hopefully some practicums under their belts so that we can offer high-quality counseling to all students who come to the center. 
  • We have many applicants each year, whom we vet using a two-step process in which interviews are only offered to the most promising candidates. Applicants are encouraged to take their time and be very thoughtful when completing the application. 
  • To Faculty at Springfield College Graduate Counseling Programs: The Director of the Counseling Center and staff members are available by appointment to lead informational sessions about the GA position and application process. Please contact the Center if you would like a Counseling Center staff member to come to one of your classes to speak to the students in your program. 

What Former Counseling Center GAs Have to Say About Their Experience

"Working at the Springfield College Counseling Center was one of the best experiences as a graduate associate. Counseling students at the Counseling Center gave me a unique perspective on the challenges that college-age students encounter on a daily basis. It was very important to me to work well with college students, and Brian and Gary were able to help me with this process. Also, I will forever cherish the bonds that I created with my students, supervisor, and co-workers."

-Manjunath Burdekar, Doctor of Psychology Program in Counseling Psychology

"I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work at the Springfield College Counseling Center for three years. This site has been instrumental to my clinical growth, giving me the opportunity to develop my counselor voice and style and to build deep and meaningful connections with both students and staff. Without the restrictions of insurance and having to adhere to specific treatment protocols, I had the freedom to experiment, learn, and grow. I especially appreciate the warm, thoughtful, and supportive supervision that I received."

-Joanna Dalin, Doctor of Psychology Program in Counseling Psychology


Staff Positions

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