What is Study Abroad?

Studying abroad includes high-quality classroom learning and immersion in a different culture. Today, there is a growing realization at all levels of education that students must be better prepared for a global society. This is resulting in a dramatic increase in the choice of study abroad options enabling students to experience a wide range of the world's cultures.

When can I go abroad?

​​​​​​​Most students plan to study abroad in their second semester sophomore year or first or second semester junior year. However, planning ahead of time and meeting with your advisor is very important, as some majors require students to study abroad in a certain semester (i.e- OT students must go abroad in the Spring of their sophomore year)

What is the cost of studying abroad?

For students attending a semester long program, your tuition will be billed normally to you from Springfield College. This is because you will still be enrolled as full time Springfield College student. With this being said, most students find their scholarships and financial aid packages remain the same while they are abroad. If you want to know what your tuition will look like abroad, the best thing to do is make a meeting with the financial aid office.

Housing and meal plan fees will NOT be billed from Springfield College- those fees will come directly from the program or university you choose to study abroad with.

Where can I study abroad?


Springfield College encourages study abroad opportunities to any safe university as long as the credits at the international university can transfer back to the requirements of Springfield College.

Most students choose to go with a partner program we have an agreement with, such as Academic Programs International (API), Center for International Studies (CIS), The Education Abroad Network (TEAN), the Umbra Institute, The American College of Norway, and Hong Kong Baptist University

For a full list of programs, google Springfield College Study Abroad-> explore programs

How do I choose a country and partner?


Research! The best way is to research the above programs through their websites and see which program will best fit your needs. Abroad101 offers great study abroad reviews that students have found very helpful when researching a program (https://www.studyabroad101.com/).



What courses can I take abroad?


Students will typically take a course load of 12-15 credits. All courses must be pre-approved by your advisor and the Registrar the semester before you leave. Once you have chosen a school or partner, a list of course offerings will be made available to you.

We suggest taking 100-200 level courses abroad and most students choose to take general education requirements such as a literature, art, music, etc. All students studying abroad must take at least one course in culture or language

How do I receive my grades?

Transcripts from the school you attend will be sent directly to the Director of the International Center and forwarded to the Registrar's office to appear on your Springfield College transcripts. Students may choose one course from abroad to designate on their transcripts as a Pass/Fail grade when they return home.

Are there other options besides semester long programs?

Of course! We have many different opportunities for students to travel:

Summer options: Some students choose to do a summer program abroad. These are a great opportunity to take a few courses and also get to explore another country

J Term options: These are another great opportunity for a short term program (usually about 2 weeks to a month) for students to experience life in another country while taking 1-2 courses

Alternative Spring Break trips, Service trips, and Faculty Led Programs- Keep in touch with the International Office because new short term programs are constantly being developed

Payment with Alternative Spring Break trips, Service trips, and Faculty Led Programs: Tuition will be “out of pocket” for these programs, meaning you will be paying an additional fee program fee directly to SC

Payment with Summer and J Term Options: Tuition will be “out of pocket” and will be paid directly to the partner program you travel with

What are some important deadlines I should keep in mind?


The Springfield College study abroad application deadlines:

Spring Semester Abroad- October 1st application deadline

Fall Semester Abroad- April 1st application deadline

Summer Abroad- March 1st application deadline

Other short term programs vary, please keep in ztouch to ask about those specific application deadlines


Where will I be living abroad?

​​​​​​​Types of housing varies by programs but some of the common options are off-campus apartments, on campus dorms or apartments, or with host families. Most programs give students a choice regarding housing options

I have decided I want to study abroad, what do I do next?

​​​​​​​Meet with your advisor to discuss when you can go abroad and what courses you will need to take. Then, set up a meeting with the International Center to learn more about where you can go and how to apply!

Do you have more questions about studying abroad?
Please feel free to email us at studyabroad@springfieldcollege.edu or come by the International Center located upstairs in the Campus Union
Follow us on instagram: @springfieldcollegestudyabroad
Don’t forget these important deadlines to apply:
Spring Semester Abroad- October 1st

Fall Semester Abroad- April 1st

Summer Abroad- March 1st