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File A Report | Title IX

The College is committed to providing a variety of welcoming and accessible means to report so that as many instances of sexual and gender-based misconduct will be reported as possible. The College also recognizes that the decision whether or not to report sexual and gender-based misconduct is a personal decision and that there are many barriers to reporting, both individual and societal. Not every individual will be prepared to make a report to the College or to law enforcement, and individuals are not expected or required to pursue a specific course of action.

In addition to the confidential support resources, the College also encourages individuals to report their experience through any of the following options:

File a report ONLINE:

File a report

Reports made through this online form may be anonymous. Please note that depending on the level of information provided about the incident of individuals involved, however, the ability to respond to an anonymous report may be limited.

File a report with the Title IX Team:

Title IX Coordinator: Erin Leeper, Director, Non-discrimination Initiatives/ Title IX Administrator 
(413) 748-3248 | | Campus Union, Room 228

Deputy Title IX Coordinator: Sue Nowlan, Dean of Students; Office of Student Affairs
(413) 748-3922 | | Campus Union, Suite 325

Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Regional, Online, and Continuing Education: Camille Elliott; Associate Director of Student Services
(413) 748-3978 | | Learning Commons, Room 306

Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Athletics: Michelle Lee Scecina
(413) 748-3334 | | Physical Education Complex Athletic Office

Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Employees: Jonathan Howell
(413) 748-3195 | | Administration Building, 2nd Floor

Deputy Title IX Coordinators are trained to assist faculty, staff, and students with understanding their rights, resources, and options for filing a complaint. While not bound by confidentiality, these individuals will nevertheless maintain the privacy of an invidiual's information within the limited number of those involved in the Title IX resolution process.

While the criminal process is completely separate from the College's Title IX response and procedure, when filing a report, the reporting party also has the right to notify law enforcement or decline to notify law enforcement, including Springfield College police, municipal police, and Massachusetts State Police. If you need help filing a criminal report or seeking a restraining or protective order, our Department of Public Safety has trained investigators to help walk you through the process.

Report to Responsible Employee: 

The College recognizes that a student or employee may choose to report gender-based misconduct to any trusted employee of the College. For example, a student may choose to confide in a resident assistant, faculty member, or a coach, all of whom are considered responsible employees. Under this policy, responsible employees must report the incident to the Title IX coordinator or a deputy Title IX coordinator. An employee may choose to confide in a supervisor, also considered a responsible employee. Under this policy, any employee (who has not been designated as a confidential resource) who receives a report of sexual and gender-based misconduct must share the report with the Title IX coordinator or a deputy Title IX coordinator. 

All College employees, including faculty, staff, and administrators, except confidential resources, are identified as “responsible employees,” and have a responsibility for student and employee welfare. Responsible employees are required to share with the Title IX coordinator any report of sexual and gender-based misconduct they receive or of which they become aware.

Report to Law Enforcement:

  1. On-campus: Department of Public Safety
    • Emergency Line: (413) 748-5555
    • Non-Emergency Line: (413) 748-3516
    • 25 Portsmouth Street, Springfield, Mass. 01109
  2. Off-Campus: Springfield Police Department
    • Emergency Line: 911
    • Non-Emergency Line: (413) 787-6302

What to expect when reporting to law enforcement: Because the standards for determining a violation of criminal law are different from the standards for determining a violation of College policy, criminal investigations, reports, or outcomes are not determinative of whether gender-based misconduct has occurred for purposes of the College’s policy. For more information on what to expect on the reporting, investigative, and trial process for criminal matters visit the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) website.

Report to the Office of Civil Rights:

Boston Office
Office of Civil Rights
U.S. Department of Education
8th Floor
5 Post Office Square, Boston, Mass. 02109-3921

Telephone: (617) 289-0111