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William Blizard Gallery

The William Blizard Gallery is the primary art gallery of Springfield College. It is dedicated to showcasing the work of undergraduate and graduate students in the Department of Visual and Performing Arts as well as professional artists from the local community and beyond. The Gallery aims to be a creative community space which supports experimental work in the arts and fosters dialogue and programming in arts and culture.

Sourced: Origins of Inspiration

A Visual Arts Faculty Exhibit

February 6 - March 31

Opening Reception: Wednesday, February 8, 4-5:30 p.m. at the William Blizard Gallery

In this conceptually diverse, multifaceted exhibition, the visual arts faculty will be exhibiting their creative work juxtaposed with a side of inspiration. Bon appètit!

Photo: Meghan Gaul, associate professor of graphic design

Student Art Show

November 28 - December 9

Reception: Thursday, December 8, 4-6 p.m. at the William Blizard Gallery

Showcasing the work of undergraduate studio and design and graduate art therapy/counseling students.
Front gallery: Graduating student exhibition, featuring the work of Angel Stewart, undergraduate art therapy; and Bee Gigli, graduate art therapy/counseling major.
Rear gallery: This exhibition showcases the work of the undergraduate studio and design classes. Artwork includes ceramics, drawing, printmaking, mixed media, painting, design, sculpture, digital art, and photography.

INorDINateLY EXubeRANT and Other Functions of/for Art

September 12 - November 11, 2022

Reception: Thursday, September 15, 2022, 4-6 p.m.

In collaboration with the artist collaborative, Habitat for Artists, this exhibit explores the dynamics of both public and private art making. The exhibit includes a working habitat, an anthology spanning 15 years of the collective, and a maker/collaboration space open to all.

Past Shows

An Art of Participation: Photographs of Garry Winogrand

February 7 - April 7, 2022

Reception: Thursday, March 24, 2022, 4-6 p.m.


We are thrilled that the photographs of renowned street photographer Garry Winogrand will be on exhibit in the William Blizard Gallery. On exhibit will be his 1982 portfolio: Women are better than men. Not only have they survived, they do prevail.  An epic chronicler of American life, Winogrand said, “You may say I'm a student of photography, and I am– but really, I’m a student of America.”  Known for his wry observations of fleeting human interactions, his photographs offer unexpected details and unresolved moments in time, encouraging us to look and look again at these snapshots of everyday life. This portfolio offers characteristic Winogrand points of view: tilted horizons, temporary choreographies, and centrifugal compositions. The images offer a unique vantage point on post-War America: an energetic tension between hope and optimism for a new age, woven through with deep ambivalence and anxiety. 

The students of ARTS 225: Introduction to Photography, will be creating work in response to the photographs, which will be included in the exhibition as well.

All In

September 20 - October 29, 2021

Closing Reception: Thursday, October 28, 2021, 4-6 p.m.


The William Blizard Gallery returns to in-person programming this fall with ALL IN, an all-inclusive exhibit of 10x10-inch artwork. Any work that is 10x10 inches, and can be hung on the wall, will be accepted. Artwork can be submitted throughout the duration of the exhibit. There also will be a space in the gallery in which we invite you to create a piece. 

For more information on how to submit your artwork*, contact Jessica Poser, gallery director, at jposer@springfield.edu.

*Note: Jessica Poser, EdD, gallery director, has the curatorial discretion to not accept any works that promote hate in any form.

Reflections: Masters Students in Art Therapy and Counseling Exhibit

Virtual and Live Exhibit
William Blizard Gallery
May 3-15, 2021


Artists: Taylor Crisostomo, Jessica Dey, Sarah Nangeroni, Ariana Turi, Lauren Wilke, and Christina Winsor
This exhibit showcases the work of graduate students of art therapy. Work includes graphic design, ceramics, photography, printmaking, painting, drawing, sculpture, and mixed media.

View the exhibit

embrace (7+1): Graduating Undergraduate Student Art Exhibit

Virtual and Live Exhibit
Featuring works by Senior Art; Art Education; Art Therapy; and Digital, Web, and Multimedia Design Majors


The exhibit showcases the work of graduating seniors in the Department of Visual and Performing Arts. Work includes graphic design, ceramics, photography, printmaking, painting, drawing, sculpture, and mixed media. 

Artists: Will Bradford, Caelen Carlough, Bunny Halloran, Sara King, Cameron O'Neil, Meg Reed, Anna Wu, and Colin Wright

Refugees, Resistance, Resilience: Creating Emotional Resonance

Virtual Art Exhibition

March 15-April 9, 2021


Artists: Simone Alter-Muri, Harriet Diamond, Viki Gable, and Judy Shintani
This exhibit, envisioned by Simone Alter-Muri, connects present-day refugee crises to those of the past. Art can serve as both a witness and as a vehicle to address social issues. Art also can help convey and, indeed, instill resilience. 

Rhizomatic: Cause to Strike Root

Virtual and Live Art Exhibition
February 8-March 5, 2021

Exhibitors: Reed Anderson, Alex Callender, Donnabelle Casis, Beth Humphrey, Stacey McCarthy, Baird Soules, Scott Wolniak, and poetry by Rob Bywater. Curated by Jacin Giordano and Jessica Poser.

In botany, rhizomes are root masses that send out roots and shoots from various nodes. As a theoretical framework, the rhizome suggests an image of thought, one which has multiple entry and exit points, a non-hierarchical structure with no beginning and no end. The work in this exhibit explores these connections in imagery and process as well as in material and conceptual approaches.

View the video.

Virtual Student Art Exhibition


Featuring the works of undergraduate and graduate students from the Class of 2020.

In this inclusive virtual exhibit, see the work of Sarah Collins, a graduating Springfield College senior in art therapy, as well as artwork completed by students in many of our courses in visual and performing arts including: Studio in Painting, Studio in Drawing, Studio in Sculpture, Studio in Design, and Pre-practicum in Art Therapy. 



What We Made: Art in the Time of COVID

September 21-November 13, 2020
Virtual and Live Exhibit 


What We Made: Art in the Time of COVID showcases a selection of creative work that has come out of this challenging time, with a focus on the resilience and creativity of the Springfield College community, and the importance of our voices in times of uncertainty. Creative work from faculty includes painting, collage, digital art, video, photography, sculpture, ceramics and poetry.
Image: Furiously Faster by Hluska

If you have a disability and require a reasonable accommodation to fully participate in this event, please contact the Office of Visual and Performing Arts as soon as possible, at (413) 748-3930 to discuss your accessibility needs. Springfield College is a smoke-free/tobacco-free campus.