Name & Synopsis Contact Info Photo
Professor of Art Therapy/Counseling and Art Education, Director of Art Therapy/Counseling and Art Education
Instructor of Biology
Gemma Bartha
Instructor of Communications
Photo of Kyle Belanger from the Department of Humanities
Professor of Biology
Joseph Berger
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
  • Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice
  • Law Enforcement and Terrorism
  • Violence and Victimization
  • Occupational Stress and Mental Health Issues
  • Criminal Law
  • Constitutional Law
Gary Berte
Associate Professor of Chemistry
  • Natural product synthesis
  • Chemical education
Marisa Blauvelt
Assistant Professor of Special Education
  • Students with disabilities in postsecondary settings
  • Successful transition planning for students with disabilities
Kristen Bonanno-Sotiropoulos, a professor of education at Springfield College.
Professor of Psychology
  • Psychological aspects of sport injury
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Assistant Professor of Psychology
  • Career and work psychology
  • Psychology of diversity
  • Social justice and advocacy
  • Coping and identity
Associate Professor of Business Management, Co-chair of the Department of Business Management
Professor of American Studies, Chair of Department of Social Sciences
  • U.S. religion
  • U.S. politics
Thomas Carty
Assistant Professor of Environmental Biology
  • Fate of animal populations
  • Terrestrial animals in ecosystems
  • Management of species
Justin Compton
Professor of Psychology, Chair of Department of Psychology, Interim Chair of the Department of Education
Allison Cumming-McCann, Psychology
Professor of Education
Eileen Cyr, professor for the Springfield College Department of Education.
Professor of Sociology
  • Race, gender, and sexual orientation
  • Media, sport, and social movements
Laurel Davis-Delano
Assistant Professor of History
  • 19th-century American history
  • American Civil War and reconstruction
  • American immigration and ethnic history
Ian Delahanty Headshot
Instructor in Chemistry
Donna DiLullo
Associate Professor of Computer Information Sciences
  • Database design
  • Systems analysis and design
  • Microcomputer applications
Professor of Communications
Photo of Marty Dobrow from the Department of Humanities
Professor of Economics
Assistant Professor of Religion
  • Religion in the United States
  • American Catholicism
  • Religion and Gender
Katherine Dugan, professor in the humanities department
Associate Professor of English
  • American literature
  • "Ethnic” mysteries
  • Transatlantic modernism
Professor of English, Chair of Department of Humanities
Photo of Ali Eaton from the Department of Humanities
Instructor of Biology
  • RNAi drug development
  • Nutritional influence on brain functioning and dementia
Peter Embriano
Professor of Management
  • Measurement of attribution of leadership to entrepreneurial output
  • Measurement of entrepreneurial economic value and output
  • A test for the wealth creation potential of entrepreneurial firms
Assistant Professor of Biology
  • Physiological ecology
  • Fuel metabolism in fasting marine mammals
  • Physiological costs of reproduction in songbirds
Melinda Fowler
Professor of English
Instructor of Physics, Physics Lab Instructor
  • Biomechanics
  • Applied mathematics
Associate Professor of Communications
Photo of Dennis Gildea from the Department of Humanities
Associate Professor of History
Administrative Assistant
Professor of English
Associate Professor of Psychology, Director of Counseling Psychology Program
  • Prevention
  • Social justice
  • Prevention and interpersonal violence
  • Spirituality
  • Multicultural training
Sally Hage, Director of the PsyD Program
Instructor of Writing
  • Composition studies
  • History of rhetoric
  • Rhetorical theory
Photo of Dana Harrington from the Department of Humanities
Instructor of Literature
Photo of Casey Hayman from the Department of Humanities
Assistant Professor of Music
Administrative Assistant
Heather Hitchcock
Assistant Professor of Art Therapy
  • Incorporation of language of fine arts pedagogy into art therapy
  • Researching qualitative paradigms of fine arts pedagogy as design for art therapy
Associate Professor of Modern Languages
Associate Professor of Economics
Administrative Assistant
Photo of Cathy Hughes from the Department of Humanities
Assistant Professor of Computer Graphics and Digital Arts
  • Communications design
  • Virtual reality
  • Augmented reality
Associate Professor of Sociology
  • Globalization
  • Families
  • Gender
Susan Joel
Instructor of Business
Associate Professor of Biology
  • Genetic engineering
  • Molecular biology
  • Cell culture/biology
Hai Kinal
Professor of English
Photo of Becky Lartigue from the Department of Humanities
Assistant Professor of Psychology, Research Coordinator of Counseling Psychology Doctor of Psychology Program
  • Self- and identity- development
  • Multicultural counseling
  • Critical and feminist theories and applications


Professor of Physics and Mathematics
  • Teaching science to non-science majors through complex environmental issues
  • Utilizing digital video technology to enhance physics instruction
  • Application of physics to sports
Associate Professor of Music
Professor of Business Management
  • Small business and entrepreneurship
  • Success vs. failure prediction
  • Family business
Instructor of Chemistry
Agnes Luzgin
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Assistant Professor of Environmental Science
  • Horses
  • Geology
  • Environmental Science
  • Recycling Initiatives
  • Development of a sustainable campus
Eileen McGowan
Instructor of English Literature and Writing
  • Student Writing in Urban Schools
  • Relationship Between Parenthood and Professional Teaching
Photo of Melva Michaelian from the Department of Humanities
Professor of English
Associate Professor of Psychology, Director of Undergraduate Psychology Program
  • Adolescent and emerging adult sexual and romantic relationship development
  • Sexual orientation/identity development
  • Narrative identity studies and methodologies
Instructor of Art, Director of William Blizard Gallery
Associate Professor of Marketing, Co-chair of Department of Business Management
  • Services marketing
  • Business-to-business marketing
  • Brand management
Professor of Psychology
  • Empathy in the therapeutic relationship
  • Integrative health care
  • Intersection between narrative accounts and counseling
Professor of Mathematics, Chair of Department of Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science
  • Sports analytics
  • History of mathematics
  • Mathematics education
Professor of Education, MTEL Coordinator
Katharine Bride Reed, professor for the Springfield College Department of Education.
Professor of Social Sciences, Pre-law Advisor
Daniel Russell
Professor of Theater Arts, Chair of the Department of Visual and Performing Arts
Martin Shell
Professor of Chemistry, Chair of Department of Biology/Chemistry
  • Science self-efficacy and attitudes toward science
  • Science misconceptions
Julie Smist
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
  • Community-Based Corrections
  • Environmental Justice
  • Race and Crime
  • Massachusetts Criminal Justice System
Francesca Spina
Professor of Psychology
  • Competencies in Conflict Management and Mediation
  • Factors Related to Group Development and Group Performance
  • Talent Acquisition and Talent Management
Michael Surrette
Assistant Professor of English
Photo of Paul Thifault from the Department of Humanities
Professor of Chemistry, Distinguished Springfield Professor of Humanics
  • Teaching chemistry
  • History of chemistry
Frank Torre
Assistant Professor of Psychology, Director of Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • Understanding diversity and inclusion dynamics in systems
  • Leadership from the domestic and global perspectives
  • Organizational change
  • Negotiation
  • Women of color career development
Mia Tran
Associate Professor of Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Mathematics Education
Assistant Professor of Biology, Sports Biology Program Director
  • Integrins in growth and metastasis of ovarian cancer
Dustin Vale-Cruz
Professor of Psychology
  • Self-talk
  • Professional issues in sport and exercise psychology
  • Mental warmup
Associate Professor of Art, Director of Computer Graphics and Digital Arts
  • Video
  • Web
  • Digital prints
Ruth West
Assistant Professor of Composition/Rhetoric, Director of Writing Program
Anne Wheeler, Humanities
Professor of Research and Statistics
  • Research methods and designs
  • Measurement theory and application
  • Statistics, program evaluation
  • Student assessment
Biology/Chemistry Lab Coordinator
Sara Wojtas
Professor of Education
Daniel Zuckergood, professor for the Springfield College Department of Education.