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Proposal Support Services

The Office of Grants and Sponsored Research (GSR) can provide a range of pre-award support services to assist you in developing your proposal, including:

  • Solicitation and grant application analysis and guidance, including facilitation of technical assistance meetings with program officers from sponsor agencies.
  • Guidance and support on College policies and procedures
    • Cost sharing and match requirements
    • Letters of Commitment
    • Compliance issues: Human Subjects Research, Conflict of Interest, data sharing, etc. 
  • Proposal development and management
    • Work plans and timelines
    • Roles and responsibilities for completion of proposal components
  • Budget development and guidance
  • Subrecipients and consultants
  • Proposal preparation and assembly
    • Guidance with sponsor forms (samples and templates available)
    • Reviewing and editing proposal components
    • Assembling of proposal components for distribution five days prior to the due date in order to get required Springfield College approvals. 

Note that if you will be utilizing human subjects, you must apply to the Springfield College Institutional Review Board.

Visit the Institutional Review Board website