As a faculty or staff member, what should you do if you receive a media call?

In situations where members of the media contact Springfield College faculty or staff for comment, faculty and staff are free to respond to these inquires as they feel it is appropriate and if they feel comfortable doing so. The Office of Communications is responsible for Springfield College media relations and directs and manages the College's contact with the media to ensure interaction enhances the College's image and reputation and positions the institution as a leader in higher education through its mission. This responsibility includes both proactive and reactive involvement. Therefore, it is recommended and encouraged that faculty and staff contact the office when they receive requests from the media. The Office of Communications assists faculty and staff with providing honest and accurate information that aligns with the College's objectives.

If approached by a reporter and the subject matter involves an administrative or College-wide issue, faculty and staff should refer the reporter to the Office of Communications. If the inquiry involves your personal area of expertise or expert opinion, you may set up the interview on your own and simply inform the Office of Communications of the meeting.

When Springfield College faculty and staff speak to the media, that communication represents the personal opinions, insights, and/or expertise of the individual. Faculty and staff are free to identify themselves as employees of Springfield College.

Faculty and staff, unless so designated by the President of Springfield College as a spokesperson, should not characterize themselves as official representatives of Springfield College, or represent themselves as acting on behalf of the College. The only authorized spokespersons for Springfield College are the Chair of the Board of Trustees, the President, and the Executive Director of Communications.

Vice Presidents, Deans, the Faculty Senate President, and others as designated by the President, Vice Presidents, Deans or Faculty Senate President may act as spokespersons for their particular organization, office, department, or area.