This is the third email update and contains progress, changes and actions taken since the previous email (July 6, 2020). If there is no new information to report, that is noted below and readers are encouraged to review the archived emails online on the college's COVID-19 Webpage. Please note that the working groups have been reorganized to streamline work and facilitate implementation.



  • (New) Academic Implementation Group (Chair - Mary Ann Coughlin): Marshall and Mary Ann have met with the Department Chairs to identify which courses could be held in which formats (remote, hybrid, small group, F2F). They are actively working with the chairs now to identify which courses and sections to move to the variety of formats. Faculty are actively reporting ADA and other needs to consider. (updated since previous email)

  • (New) Classroom Utilization and Preparation (Chairs - Marshall Bradway & Mary Ann Coughlin): The group has been working with FACS to measure and set up classrooms and make arrangements for storage of extra furniture. FACS is working on ventilation updates for classrooms; once capacities are determined, the Registrar’s Office will start to assign classroom space for each course. (updated since previous email)

  • ROCE (Chairs - Mary Ann Coughlin & Elayne Harney): The evolving situation and needs of each individual campus and community are being reviewed, as are the staff available on each campus. (updated since previous email)

  • (New) Academic Spaces Planning Group (Chairs - Andrea Taupier & Mary Ann Coughlin): This new group will review the Learning Commons and other common academic spaces and determine protocols for the use of this space. (updated since previous email)

Co-Curricular Experience

  • (New) Co-Curricular Implementation Group (Chair - Patrick Love): Weekly meetings are scheduled for the foreseeable future. A decision was made to hold pre-camp and cultural connections (pre-orientation programs) with strict programmatic controls and decreased capacity. Plans for quarantine for out of region and international students were also addressed.

  • Guests and Visitors (Chairs - Mary DeAngelo & David McMahon): A revised draft of the policies for the wide range of guests and visitors who normally come to campus during the school year has been completed and is being brought to the Fall planning group for review, and then will be brought to the expanded President’s Leadership Team (PLT+). This group will now expand discussions to include others who come to campus, including Conferences and Special events and Athletics. (updated since previous email)

  • Athletics Resocialization and Return to Competition (ARRC) Working Group (Chair - Craig Poisson): A draft timeline for fall sports has been shared with PLT; fall sport athletes will move-in August 22-23. (updated since previous email)

  • Deepening Student Engagement (Chair - Brianna Kirk): Chat spaces are being created where students can talk about how their identities and the virus intertwine. Wellness initiative is being developed. Welcome Home video from faculty and staff is being created. (updated since previous email)

General Groups (pertain to both academics and co-curricular)

  • (New) Tents (Chair - Patrick Love): A planning and budget proposal for academic, Health Center, athletics and programming tents has been developed and submitted to the Board of Trustees. Tents have been reserved and plans are underway for their use. (updated since previous email)

  • Barriers (Chair - Kevin Roy): Installation of the barriers and signage is over 80% complete, with additional issues and locations being identified and addressed as they are identified. (updated since previous email)

  • International (Chair - Deb Alm): Costs associated with the needs of new arrivals (transportation, phones, supplies) are being identified and programming, academic, and other needs are being investigated. (nothing new to report)

  • (New) Public Health Implementation Group (Chairs - Kathleen Hogan-Soltys & Christine Johnston): Contact tracing plans are being developed with best practice guidance from DPH; software options are also being explored. PPE are being sourced and priced and an initial budget developed and submitted to the Board of Trustees. Broad Institute has been contracted to perform COVID testing. Testing plan includes a recommendation of testing before arrival (required for students arriving from outside the region and internationally), all students on arrival; 10% of students twice a week for first two weeks; 10% of students once a week thereafter (until mid-November); all students who are symptomatic; all contacts of symptomatic students. (updated since previous email)

  • Rapid Response Team (Chair - Sue Nowlan): The Rapid Response Team will establish the processes and protocols for the fall when a positive test is identified among the student population, in order to marshal resources and take action, including moving students to isolation, instituting contact tracing, quarantining affected students, etc. (nothing new to report)


  • Springfield College Connect (Chair - Patrick Love): Next issue scheduled to be released July 21. (updated since previous email)

  • Faculty/Staff Updates (Chair - Patrick Love): Next email scheduled to be released July 27. (updated since previous email)

  • (New) Student Communications Group (Chair - Julie Koivisto): This group will develop a comprehensive plan for communicating and promoting new policies with students using a variety of platforms, channels, and methods. (updated since previous email)

The following groups have either completed their work and been discontinued, or have been absorbed into larger implementation groups.

  • Alternative Teaching Locations: transitioned into both Classroom Utilization and Preparation and Tents

  • Common Space Use: transitioned into both Academic Spaces Planning Group and Co-Curricular Implementation Group

  • Conduct and Behavioral Expectations: tasks completed; committee disbanded

  • Contact Tracing : transitioned into Public Health Implementation Group

  • Counseling Center: transitioned into Co-Curricular Implementation Group

  • De-Densifying Classrooms: transitioned into Classroom Utilization and Preparation

  • Dining: transitioned into Co-Curricular Implementation Group

  • Health Center: transitioned into Co-Curricular Implementation Group

  • HR Policies: tasks transitioned to Office of Human Resources; committee disbanded

  • In-Person Teaching/Internships & Clinicals: transitioned into Classroom Utilization and Preparation

  • Isolation and Quarantine: transitioned into Public Health Implementation group, Rapid Response Team, and Co-Curricular Implementation Group

  • Orientation: transitioned into Co-Curricular Implementation Group

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): transitioned into Public Health Implementation Group

  • Residence Life Move In: transitioned into Co-Curricular Implementation Group

  • Residence Life Structural Operations: transitioned into Co-Curricular Implementation Group

  • Testing: transitioned into Public Health Implementation Group

  • Wellness Center, Intramurals & Club Sports: transitioned into Co-Curricular Implementation Group


Thank you for taking the time to read through the updates and supporting documents. If you have questions or would like additional information, please email


Patrick Love, Vice President of Student Affairs and Mary Ann Coughlin, Senior Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs