Camp Massasoit counselor for two summers

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We came up with the idea of doing an 80 for 80 staff gift one day while a few of us were cleaning the shed after a day of camp. We had been chatting about the support from the families and friends who have been greatly affected by East Campus. Without a thought, I said, “I would give a donation.” And the same sentence echoed three other times throughout the shed from other counselors. We decided then that it would be a great idea to talk about the collaborative gift at our next staff meeting.

Paige Moran head shot

The mission of East Campus Outdoor Learning Center is to support the programs of Springfield College through purposefully designed experiential learning opportunities in an out-of-doors setting with educational, recreation, business, and therapeutic groups. This extends beyond our own students, as East Campus is a resource for more than 2,500 young people from the greater Springfield community each year.

The Friends of East Campus Fund was created to provide budget-enhancing dollars for the greatest needs of East Campus, as they arise. Your support of the Friends of East Campus Fund allows us to complete projects that are beyond what is budgeted for, and ensures that we can continue to enhance East Campus facilities and programs each year.

"I wanted to send them to Camp Massasoit because I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things from our friends. So, we were just waiting until they were old enough to send. They just love to be outdoors." Suzanne Gile, parent
Camper and counselor canoeing on Lake Masssasoit
"We explored a number of different camps and what we found was this one had counselors who were a little older, more qualified. They had college majors that had to do with camping or had to do with recreation. What we found was that the whole experience was great. It’s probably one of the best experiences we’ve given him so far." Mart Manning, parent
Campers and counselors dancing
"I love pretty much everything. The reason I say that is I like to kayak. I like archery. I like climbing. I was scared of heights but now I’m not. I never thought I would shoot that well and now I’m hitting bull’s eyes. I never thought I would kayak and now I’ll be at the bridge first. I wasn’t that good in swimming and now I’m pretty good. I hated heights and couldn’t even get off the ropes the first year." Dan Manning, camper
Spring Explorers using the ropes course
"The ropes course is really fun but sometimes, when you get up high, it’s a little scary. The counselors just tell you ‘keep going’ and they tell you how to get up." Nolan Stratton, camper
A camper wearing a Camp Massasoit teeshirt
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