Wearing the Springfield College lacrosse jersey is an honor and responsibility that means being a part of something special. It is an honor to have earned the right to wear the colors that represent Springfield College. The responsibility is to uphold the traditions of excellence that have been established by the great people who previously wore the uniform—and to set the standard for the future.

When I was fortunate to play, my teammates were like brothers, and coaches were mentors. Thirty years later, Coach Keith Bugbee is still a mentor and friend. I am grateful for my experience as a player because it positively influenced who I am as a person and how I coach today. There are lessons that I have learned on the field and in the classroom that I share with my own players. One such lesson is striving for excellence.  

When expectations are set high the results are likely to follow. Another important lesson that I have learned at Springfield College was to be humble in achievements and to give back whenever possible. There is always more work to be done and people to help along the way.

I am proud that my own son, Kenneth Ray McCarthy, Class of 2019, also has the opportunity to experience the challenges and joys of being a Springfield College student-athlete. He is learning valuable lessons that will last a lifetime. And what a thrill it was for me toplay against him in the lacrosse alumni game!

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