What does it mean to be a student-athlete at Springfield College?

It means so much to me to play here at Springfield College. For almost a year and a half that I have spent here at Springfield College I have grown as a player and a person. Through being on the soccer team I have formed a bond that will stay in my heart forever. The culture of the team directly reflects the values that every single student on campus follows.

What is your most memorable/impactful experience as a student-athlete?

Most memorable and impactful moment I have had was during freshmen year in the preseason. In one of the first days of being on campus and on the team coach asked us to go to the classroom. I saw this as a sign of all of us being in trouble, but what happened next I have never heard of. Coach had us create social, academic, and soccer goals for the entire year, and along with that, we created schedules so we would be even more organized. When on this special team, growing as a person and student becomes more important than anything that happens on the field. Academics and our social life are what affects us the most, so we focus hard on achieving good grades and bettering ourselves as individuals. 

How has being a student-athlete at Springfield College made an impact on you as a person?

My life has changed for the better. Before coming to Springfield College my life was engulfed in the idea that sports can take someone anywhere. Now that I have almost spent a year and half here I have come to terms that sports aren’t everything— bettering yourself is. Through the men’s soccer team, I havebecome a better person through learning and wanting to learn.  

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