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The biology major at Springfield College offers diverse exposure to the key areas of study in the life sciences. Core science courses, including bioscience, ecology, microbiology, chemistry, and physics, provide a foundation in biology; mathematics coursework is also required. Through electives, students have the opportunity to tailor the major toward what interests them—from human anatomy to plant science to cell biology to chemistry. 

Graduates of our program can go on to pursue graduate schools, including schools of medicine and dentistry; careers in laboratory sciences in hospitals or government; or teacher licensure. Students who want to enter medical or dental school will be well supported by our Premedical Scholars Program, which provides a dedicated advisor with experience in the complexities of medical or dental school applications. Additionally, an interdepartmental preprofessional committee can provide students with further information essential for achieving their goals. 

Check out a special opportunity for students to take part in International Tropical Field Research, through BIOL 320!

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