As a graduate of our nutritional sciences major, you’ll be ready to take those next steps in your career. Many students decide to attend graduate school to further their studies in the nutritional sciences or other health-related fields, while others opt to start their careers by seeking employment in industries such as health and wellness, education, research, government, sport performance, and more. For graduates who wish to become dieticians or nutritionists, additional state licensure or certification may be required. 

Take Pride in Your Nutrition

Eating healthy is an important facet of all of our lives, but as a student-athlete, it can be what helps you keep going through practice, training, and game day.

Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach and Coordinator of Sports Nutrition Robin Amylon, RD, CDN, CSCS, USAW, created Pride Nutrition, an initiative that provides student-athletes with the knowledge to make smart choices when it comes to fueling their bodies, how to set up their plates for training days, and how to make sure they're energized when they hit the field or court.

Think nutritional sciences is the field for you?