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Public health is defined as “the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life, and promoting health through the organized efforts and informed choices of society, organizations, public and private communities, and individuals”. 

Public Health is a broad field that attracts students with a range of interests and talents. Students earning an undergraduate degree in public health will learn to assess and improve population health at many levels using evidence-based strategies. The skills and knowledge gained through the study of public health are applicable to all clinical health professions and are also important for careers that relate to health indirectly or on a broader scale. 

Students with undergraduate training in Public Health are qualified for entry-level positions in organizations including nonprofits, government, consulting, and advocacy organizations, and often pursue graduate education in public health or go on to clinical or other graduate programs. Graduates of public health programs become researchers, clinicians, policymakers or lawmakers, community planners or organizers, infectious disease specialists, educators, administrators, or can apply their training in any number of other fields.

Coming 2023

The New Health Sciences Center at Springfield College

The new Springfield College Health Sciences Center will empower transformative approaches to education, career enhancement, service, research, and leadership in healthcare. The Center will build on the success of the School of Health Sciences, and ensure its standing as the leading choice for the finest students, faculty, and staff.

An architect's rendering of the health science center at Springfield College
Studying Public Health at Springfield College