The hall includes:

  • Double rooms and single rooms (limited availability)
  • Lounges on each floor
  • Main lounge with a big-screen television, kitchen, pool table, ping pong table, and foosball table
  • Air-conditioned
  • Wi-Fi
Outside shot of Gulick Hall

Named for former Springfield College faculty member and department head Luther H. Gulick, who is widely recognized as the “father of physical education and recreation” in the United States, this residence hall was constructed in the late 1960s. It now holds just under 300 first-year students, which currently adds up to more than half of the first-year class. In addition to 11 residential wings, there is a main lounge with a common kitchen, big-screen TV, pool table, ping pong table, and foosball table. Each section of the building is separated from the next by a flight of stairs, making the design one of the more unique residence facilities on campus.

Students enjoy living in fully-furnished double rooms with air conditioning. Each one of the residential wings has a lounge for floor gatherings and a place to socialize.

Accommodates: 304

Gulick Hall Room Dimensions

Room: Double
Height: 7' 4"
Width: 11' 3"
Length: 10'

Height: 7' 4"
Width: 3' 6"

Height: 14"
Length: 10'