Beyond our logo, color is the most recognizable aspect of our brand identity. The elements of our palette have been selected to reflect our bold, diverse community. Using color appropriately is one of the easiest ways to make sure our materials reflect a cohesive Springfield College brand.

Color Palette

NOTE: When using color builds, always use the values listed here. They have been adjusted for the best reproduction on screen and in print, and will not match Pantone Color Bridge breakdowns.

Secondary Palette

The secondary palette represents our youthful energy and diversity. These colors work especially well as accents or background color washes.

  • PMS 222
    CMYK: 20/100/22/61
    RGB: 108/29/69

  • PMS 199
    CMYK: 0/100/72/0
    RGB: 213/0/50

  • PMS 1645
    CMYK: 0/75/75/0
    RGB: 255/106/57

  • PMS 461 (40%)
    CMYK: 2/1/45/2
    RGB: 233/223/151

  • PMS 5255
    CMYK: 97/100/15/60
    RGB: 30/26/52

  • PMS BLK 7
    CMYK: 35/35/33/92
    RGB: 61/57/53

  • PMS 465
    CMYK: 9/29/66/24
    RGB: 185/151/91

    CMYK: 3/3/6/7
    RGB: 215/210/203

Sample Palettes

The sample palettes below show how color combinations can be used successfully. They are all different, but each still maintains the character and emotion of Springfield College. Each combination is made of bands that help guide the color ratios. This is not a precise mathematical system; rather, it’s intended to give an idea of relative use.


General Use
General Use 
Alumni Palette
Prospective Student Palette
Prospective Students
Formal Palette
Historical Palette


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