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New look, same mission.

The Springfield College brand is a reflection of who we are. Everything we do and say, from marketing materials to social posts to personal interactions, creates an impression of Springfield College’s energy, spirit, and character.

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Check out our editorial style guide, or one of the downloadables below.

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Email signatures

Consistency is important to the success of our overall brand recognition. All departments and units should use this signature template when communicating via email. Sans Serif is used in Gmail (Arial may be used in other mail servers) for consistency across all email clients, browsers, and devices.

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Social Media Branding and Guidelines

Social media offers opportunities for publicity and engagement with the greater community. These platforms can be a great tool to promote our offices, departments, organizations, or teams. In addition to the primary accounts run by the Office of Communications, the Springfield College community features many accounts for departments, programs, clubs, and teams that work together to promote and expand the Springfield College brand across a variety of platforms. It is important that these accounts all follow consistent branding to maintain the Springfield College coice. 

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