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Springfield College continues to possess a strong reputation as an institution of high academic standing. Our brand is credible and secure. Consistent email signatures throughout departments and programs across the campus are an important way to promote a strong organization. They assist in ensuring that all email on behalf of Springfield College meets professional standards, provides relevant information to support the institution, and is consistent with the College brand. 

Email signatures should reflect a professional and consistent appearance for conducting college business through email.


The following guidelines should be followed for official college email signatures from your email account.

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  • The use of personal or favorite quotes or epigraphs in email signatures is inappropriate in a professional setting. Please reserve those for your personal email accounts. The professional electronic signature is comparable to a business card or letterhead. A quote has the unfortunate potential of causing confusion with external audiences assuming a particular statement represents the College's official slogan and mission.
  • Any images, photos, or social media icons within the email signature can come across as attachments and add to the complexities of downloading a recipient's email and appear chaotic. It is one reason why it is not recommended to include the College’s logo in your email signature. You may continue to use such items provided they are related to official Springfield College communications and believed to be essential.
  • Springfield College is committed to valuing and validating the gender identity and expression of members of the campus community. You may add your preferred pronouns to your email signature, next to your name or at the bottom of your signature. Format: (she, her, hers). Learn about gender pronouns and how to use gender inclusive language.
  • If you have a specific campaign or event, such as a prospective student open house, or giving day, where you'd like to drive traffic by placing information below your signature, please contact the Office of Marketing for proper guidelines and to ensure consistency of messages.

Creating Your Signature

The Office of Marketing and the Office of Information Technology Systems provide the template below for faculty and staff to use in their Springfield College email accounts. You may clip and paste the template below into your signature email settings and then change it to include your specific information and save it there.

To create your signature, open your College email account. Click on the settings (gear wheel) icon near the upper right of the screen, and then click on the word “settings.” On that page, scroll down to the “Signature:” heading. Select the signature box, and paste the template inside the box. Change the information to include your details, then click “save changes” at the bottom of the page to save your signature. 

To set up signatures through your mobile phone, please contact the Office of Marketing for assistance. 

Thank you for helping us maintain our professional and consistent brand.

Sample Email Signature

Full Name | Full Title

Springfield College
Office of (NameofOffice)

263 Alden Street
Springfield, MA 01109 | p: (413) 555-5555


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