Professional Education with the Department of Graduate Social Work

The International Federation of Social Work has called social work ‘a human rights profession, having as its basic tenet the intrinsic value of every human being.’ The National Association of Social Work stated forthrightly that it ‘endorses fundamental principles set forth in the human rights documents of the United Nations... [and that] human rights be adopted as a foundational principle upon which all social work theory and applied knowledge rests.’

Indeed, it was Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who said: ’the era of civil rights is over; the human rights era has begun.’ Students will learn how this powerful idea of human rights, the bedrock of social justice and directly consistent with the Humanics mission of Springfield College, is directly relevant to global, whole population, at-risk, and clinical interventions, (i.e. the advanced generalist practice), to eradicate social malaises and promote well being.

Knowledge of social work’s global commitments will enable students to integrate internationally accepted standards into practice, as well as prepare them for a variety of positions in organizations ultimately committed to the promotion of world citizenship, and for the improvement of the quality of life for every person, everywhere.

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