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Dual certification in physical education and health/family and consumer sciences program

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Help improve the health and wellness of society by working with the most educable population—school-age youth—through the Springfield College dual certification in physical education and health/family and consumer sciences program. The dual certification program prepares students to become teachers of both physical education and health/family and consumer sciences for all grade levels in just four years. Our curriculum integrates health and physical education content, teaching methods, and substantial hands-on practical experiences. 

Future teachers will have an opportunity to work with students of all ages throughout their undergraduate education, and they’ll graduate ready to meet all requirements needed to complete the state-approved teacher licensure programs for physical education and health/family consumer science. With dual certification, graduates will have a wider range of employment opportunities and be able to focus on what matters: inspiring young students.

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The School of Physical Education, Performance, and Sport Leadership is a member of the American Kinesiology Association.

An advocate for kinesiology at the national and international levels, the American Kinesiology Association supports educational opportunities in the fields of exercise science and sport studies, health education and physical education, and sport management and recreation management.

Studying Physical Education and Health/Family and Consumer Sciences