Messaging | Springfield College

Brand Narrative

Springfield College was founded to help people be productive. Proactive. To move their bodies, stretch their minds, and energize their communities. We have never been ones to stand on the sidelines. We will be the engine that drives progress. We see the whole picture. We root for the whole person. We have unlimited reserves of energy and optimism to take on anything that comes our way. We are the change catalysts and the solvers. We keep moving.

Writing Well

Writing is easier and more effective when we follow a few tried-and-true rules. Use these five tips to better communicate our story. Before contacting the Office of Marketing to request a job, please review the following.

  1. Who's the audience?

    Before you reach for that pen or keyboard, identify precisely who it is you need to make an impression on.

  2. Don't send mixed messages

    Communicate just one thing, or run the risk that your audience will fail to retain or act on anything.

  3. Use the second-person "you" and "your"

    Communications come from us, but they’re always about the reader. Use “you” and “your” to engage and inspire your audience.

  4. Use everyday language

    There’s no place in our story for jargon, clichés, or exclamation points. Write clearly, making it easy for anyone to take in, retain, and recount your information. And don’t force enthusiasm.

  5. What is the next step we want them to take?

    Always provide a single, clear call to action.

Words and Phrases

To support our story, keep the following words and phrases top of mind, working them into your writing when it’s natural to do so.

Spirit, Mind, and Body

It is the guiding principle of our Humanics philosophy. But it’s more than simply educating the whole student. It’s educating the whole student for leadership in service to others. Lean on this thinking (and this phrasing) when describing the work of students, faculty, and staff inside the classroom.


We’re stronger together. We educate individuals, but inspire them to work together as a team.

Experiential Learning

Our students jump into their programs and start their experiential learning in year one. Put theory into practice and work side by side with community members, experts, and scholars to increase your skills and expand your knowledge. 


We are inclusive. We educate people of all ages, regardless of gender. So we don’t educate “young adults” or “men and women.” We educate students.


Humanics calls for educating the whole person—spirit, mind, and body—for leadership in service to others. Since our beginning, we’ve been inspired by this philosophy. This is our mission.

Sample Headlines

We build momentum.
We drive innovation.
We advance connections.
Always evolving. At Springfield College, it’s what we do.
Your career goals, fast-tracked.
Bring your game. Because it’s about to level up.
Always show up. Never give up.
Every one of us is a work in progress.
Move your body. Stretch your mind.
Energize your community.
Momentum. Thanks to you, it’s building.
Find what moves you.
No limits. Lots of support.
Bust boundaries. Face your fears.
Join the Movement.
Make a Move.
Find what moves you.