Enrollment Status

During the first week of classes, an undergraduate student may add or drop individual courses. If an undergraduate student drops below 12 credits, they are charged on a per credit basis and will be considered a part-time student. Please note that financial aid eligibility and participation in varsity athletics may be affected. Please check with the appropriate offices to determine the impact of part time enrollment. If courses exceed 18 credits, you will be charged at the per credit rate for all credits exceeding 18 in a semester.

During the first week of classes, graduate students may add or drop individual courses for which they will be billed or credited respectively. Undergraduate and graduate students who drop individual courses after the second week of a semester are not eligible for a refund.

Credit Balance Refund Policies

Students are encouraged to sign up for electronic refunds (eRefunds) to have their money automatically deposited into their bank account. To enroll students can log into their PrideNET account, click “My Profile” tab, click “My Student Account,” then click the “Go to CashNet Link”. Go to the eRefund Section (located below the recent payments section) and follow the steps. This is the most secure and quickest method for receiving a refund.

Students not enrolled in direct deposit will be issued a check within fourteen days, unless the student authorizes the College in writing to hold the credit balance for a future semester. Refund checks will be made payable to the student, unless the student requests in writing that the refund check be made payable to another party. Plus Loan refunds will be made payable to the parent borrower.

Download the Credit Balance Form.

Tuition, Housing, and Meal Plan Refund Policy

Tuition and housing will be refunded as follows
Withdrawal Date Refund Percentage
Before classes begin 100 percent
During first week of classes 90 percent
During second week of classes 80 percent
During third week of classes 75 percent
During fourth week of classes 70 percent
During fifth week of classes 65 percent
During sixth week of classes 60 percent
During seventh week of classes 55 percent
During eight week of classes 50 percent
During ninth week of classes 40 percent
After ninth week of classes 0 percent
  • Meal plans will be refunded less the actual usage, including dining dollars. An administrative fee of $200 dollars will be assessed to the student’s account.
  • Fees are nonrefundable, unless the withdrawal is effective prior to the start of classes.
  • There may be additional room cancellation fees assessed to the student’s account.
  • Half of the academic year allowance for books and supplies is considered to be spent at the start of each semester.
  • Financial aid received is refunded to granting agencies based on the date of withdrawal, subject to funding source regulations and College policy.
  • No refunds will be made to students suspended, dismissed or expelled during the course of a semester. This also includes students who leave prior to the completion of a judicial hearing.