Graduate Costs and Fees

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Three graduate students presenting to a class during an athletic administration course.

2023-24 Academic Year Costs

Tuition and Fees

Graduate Program Courses (Standard)$1,178 per credit
Graduate Program Courses (Hybrid, Online, and Working Teachers Program)$724 per credit
Doctor of Medical Science Courses$795 per credit
PhD in Educational Leadership Courses$795 per credit
PhD in Educational Leadership Summer Residency Fee$1,000 per summer
Graduate Student Fee* (Standard only)$396
Tech Fee (Per year)$575 (FT), $178 (PT)
Online Tech Fee** (Per year)$192 (FT), $60 (PT)
Non-refundable Enrollment Deposit (Standard and Working Teachers Program)$300
Non-refundable Enrollment Deposit (Hybrid and Online)$150

*Per credit costs are based on the student's program 

*The graduate student fee (full time) includes the following costs for the academic year.

  • Student Government Fee: $21
  • Community Engagement Fee: $36
  • Recreation Fee: $324
  • Class Dues: $15

** Full time based on 9 or more credit hours full time is charged $64 per semester, $20 per semester for part time

The graduate student fee (part time) is $87.50 per semester.

Tuition and fee rates are subject to change.

Estimated Indirect Expenses

Books/Supplies (Cost varies by major) $1,400
Personal Expense Allowance $1,700
Transportation $1,400
Total Indirect Expenses $4,500

General Fees

Late Registration Fee $30
Commencement Fee $50
Continuing Registration Fee $100
Late Payment Fee $75
Void Check Reissue Fee $75
Returned Check Fee Up to $35
Single Semester Payment Plan Enrollment Fee (nonrefundable) $50

Tuition and fee rates are subject to change.

Course Fees

Course fees are nonrefundable, unless the withdrawal is effective prior to the start of classes.

ATPY 610 Ethics in Art Therapy/Counseling (First-year students only) $59
ATPY 684 Art Therapy Internship (Second-year students only) $59
PAST 540 Ethic/Professional Issues in PA Practicum-Professional Organization $215
PAST Practicum - all others 15%/credit
PHED 692 E-Poster Boards $50
PHTH 662 Pediatric Interprofessional Conference and Case Studies $50
PHTH 638/Foundations I Tool Kit $220
PHTH 635/ICE APTA Membership $105
PHTH 637/ICE APTA Membership $105
PHTH 662/Peds Peds IP Conference $50
PHTH 670/Clin Exp I APTA Membership $105
PHTH 696/Prac Mgmt III PEAT $79
PHTH 658 Exxat use and access $80
PHTH 670 Exxat use and access $105
OCTH 501 Fundamentals Clinical Equipment $165
OCTH 632 Occupation, Dysfunction, and Adaptation in Adults II Clinical Equipment $205
OCTH 683 Professional Seminar III Practice Fee for NBCOT $100
OCTH 687 Professional Seminar IV Practice Exam Fee $150

Student Health Insurance

Graduate Student Health Insurance 2022-23 (Standard and Working Teachers Program) $3,152

Learn more about Student Health Insurance