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Three graduate students presenting to a class during an athletic administration course.

2018-19 Costs


Graduate Program Courses $1,042 per credit
Graduate Student Fee* $225
Enrollment Deposit $200

*The graduate student fee includes the following costs.

  • Student Government Fee: $20
  • Community Engagement Fee: $30
  • Recreation Fee: $160
  • Class Dues: $15

Estimated Indirect Expenses

Books/Supplies (Cost varies by major) $1,000
Personal Expense Allowance $1,200
Transportation $800
Total Indirect Expenses $3,000

General Fees

Late Registration Fee $30
Commencement Fee $50
Continuing Registration Fee $100

Course Fees

Course fees are nonrefundable, unless the withdrawal is effective prior to the start of classes.

ATPY 610 Ethics in Art Therapy/Counseling (First-year students only) $59
ATPY 684 Art Therapy Internship (Second-year students only) $59
PHED 692 E-Poster Boards $50
PHTH 662 Pediatric Interprofessional Conference and Case Studies $50
OCTH 501 Fundamentals Clinical Equipment $165
OCTH 632 Occupation, Dysfunction, and Adaptation in Adults II Clinical Equipment $200
OCTH 683 Professional Seminar III Practice Fee for NBCOT $25
OCTH 687 Professional Seminar IV Practice Exam Fee $75

Physician Assistant Practicum Fees

Physician Assistant Practicum Fee 15%/credit
PAST 540 Ethic/Professional Issues - Professional Organization $180
PAST 671 Inpatient Medicine 15%/credit
PAST 672 Family Medicine 15%/credit
PAST 673 General Surgery 15%/credit
PAST 674 Emergency Medicine 15%/credit
PAST 675 Obstetrics and Gynecology 15%/credit
PAST 676 General Pediatrics 15%/credit
PAST 677 Psychiatrics 15%/credit
PAST 680 Preceptorship 15%/credit

Administrative Fees

Application Fee Graduate Traditional $50
Late Payment Fee $75
Void Check Reissue Fee $35
Returned Check Fee $35
Single Semester Payment Plan Enrollment Fee (nonrefundable) $50
Single Semester Payment Plan Enrollment Fee for School of Professional and Continuing Studies (nonrefundable) $25