The Springfield College Human Performance Laboratory houses an array of laboratory equipment that includes the following:

Biochemical Lab

  • Bento Lab with which to perform real-time PCR
  • ELISA plate reader and washer
  • Blood lactate analyzers

Performance and Strength Lab

  • Heart rate monitor
  • Two metabolic carts
  • Three Delsys EMG systems
  • ActivPal physical activity trackers
  • Portable environmental chamber
  • Force plate

Clinical and Rehabilitation Lab

  • Sphygmacor Excel AtCor Arterial Stiffness Assessment
  • Two electrocardiogram machines with treadmills

Athletic Training and Rehabilitation Facility

  • Blood flow restriction devices
  • BioDex balance test
  • BioDex isokentic strength analyzer
  • 3-RM testing
  • Equipment for testing or fitness classes

Sport and Exercise Psychology Lab

  • EPrime software
  • Chronos response and stimulus device
  • EmWave
  • Heartmate software
bento pcr

Bento PCR machine

ELISA reader

ELISA Plate Reader

Metabolic cart and ECG machine

Metabolic cart and ECG machine

exercise bikes

Velotron Bike and cycle ergometer