About This Program

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Learn about our Premedical Scholars Program.

In the Springfield College sports biology major, we combine two of the things we’re best known for: science and athletics.

The early curriculum for this preprofessional program gives students a grounding in the basic sciences as well as an opportunity to interact with highly qualified faculty to help students define their career objectives. From there, students take advanced courses in science and movement and have the opportunity to participate in  research and/or a shadowing program to provide hands-on, real world experiences in careers that blend scientific knowledge with athletic studies. 

As a graduate from the sports biology major, students can enter health professions, pursue graduate schools, and enter leadership roles in newly evolving careers in sports science and sports medicine. 

"I think this program, for one thing, has really taught me how to study and how to be a good student. [The program] has helped me to develop good study habits and to really understand the path that I am taking." 

Alexis Weary, Class of 2022

Hear more about why Alexis feels that majoring in sports biology at Springfield College is preparing her for a successul future. In addition to her work within the program, Alexis is a psychology and health promotion minor. She also works as a student ambassador and volunteers her time in the Partners Program organization. Learn more about student organizations on campus.

Alumni Testimonial

Patricia Murphy '21

It was very beneficial to have been exposed to many different scientific fields. I realized that I was very interested in going into microbiological research. Because of our small class sizes, I was able to make connections with my professors in a way that would not have been possible otherwise. I was even able to do an independent study my senior year. Through my independent study, I was able to apply many lab techniques that I had learned throughout different courses and became more confident in the lab. 

Support from the biochemistry department does not end after graduation either. As well as providing me with the knowledge and experience to begin my career in research, my professors also wrote numerous recommendations for me as I applied to different jobs. 

I now work as a researcher at St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in the Chemical Biology and Therapeutics department. The lab I work in focuses on the synthesis and testing of compounds that treat antibiotic-resistant infections. I would never have gotten here without my experience at Springfield College, and I am so glad to have studied under professors who genuinely want to help you reach your goals. 


Patricia Murphy
Studying Sports Biology At Springfield College